A Day at Kidz Prints: Teaching the Importance of Oral Health

Hi there! Theresa here, co-owner and oral health therapist at St Ives Smiles Dentistry. Recently, I had the wonderful opportunity to visit the kids at Kidz Prints here in St Ives. Our day was filled with fun and educational activities aimed at teaching the little ones about dental health.

We explored what happens during a dentist visit and why keeping our teeth clean is so important. Through role-playing, the children learned how to brush away the ‘monsters’—our playful term for plaque. We also discussed which foods are teeth-friendly and which ones to avoid.

To reinforce these lessons, we did a cut-and-paste activity, and I handed out goody bags with toothbrush sets, tooth timers, fun teeth toys, and brushing charts for their fridges. It was a joy to see their excited faces and know they were taking a piece of their dental education home.

Educating children about dental health is a passion of mine, and visits like these are just one of the ways we at St Ives Smiles strive to create a healthier future for our community.

Check out some of our favourite photos from the visit


  • Ms Theresa Tran-Nguyen OHT (Melb)

    I'm Theresa, an oral health therapist and dental hygienist with a passion for making dental care fun for kids. I graduated from the University of Melbourne and specialise in gentle, detailed care. When I'm not at work or with my two young children, I enjoy exploring new restaurants and diving into period dramas. I'm here to make your dental visits comfortable and effective!