Braces St Ives

Orthodontics may mean straight teeth for you, to us it’s how you grow and how you dentally function for the rest of your life.

Having straight teeth helps with appearance and self esteem but also benefits both your teeth and gums. Having the correct alignment will allow better function of your teeth and jaw. Straight teeth are easier to clean which means you can have confidence that your beautiful smile can be well maintained for many years to come.

Both children and adults are able to have braces. Braces are available in metal or ceramic white. Braces are able to treat conditions such as:

Here at St Ives Smiles, we assess the growth and suitability for braces, giving you a treatment plan and expected outcome smile and treatment time. We continually monitor growth and intervene when appropriate.

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Orthodontics may mean straight teeth for you, to us it’s how you grow and how...

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